; Yelp for the Mobility Industry?

When we started reaching out to the press and bloggers about Crytico, we didn’t know what we type of response, if any, we would receive.  A unique phenomenon in the mobility industry, or disabled community is that many writers and bloggers also have a disability.  In mainstream media, writers rarely live and breathe topics they write about on a daily basis.

We reached out to Ian Ruder, who is the Senior Editor for United Spinal Association, as well as someone who lives with a Spinal Cord Injury.  What better critic for than a writer/consumer?  Luckily, Ian was eager to learn about Crytico and test out the website to write a review for his local dealer in Portland, OR; Performance Mobility.  To read Ian’s review of Performance Mobility, click here.  A great feature with Crytico is the opportunity for the dealers and manufacturers to respond to their reviews; whether they be positive or negative.

Performance Mobility

Ian wrote an article on and he titled it “; Yelp for the Mobility Industry?”
As the purveyors of all things “Gear,” this week’s post takes a roll away from the product previews we’ve been doing to preview a new web site that hopes to change the way you chose your gear., which launched its pilot phase last week, aims to become the leading website dedicated to reviews of mobility dealers and the products and services they provide. Think: the Yelp of the mobility industry.  To read Ian’s entire article on New Mobility, click here.  

Thanks Ian for your thorough review of Crytico and help with spreading the word of this exciting new Website!

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