Top Ten Wheelchair Vans

As the reviews start coming into Crytico, we thought it would be fun to start posting Top Ten Blogs based on your ratings and reviews of products.  Today, we’ll focus on wheelchair vans.

Companies have been converting minivans for wheelchair access for decades.  Each year, the conversions get better and better with more features you want and need.  One thing that you have to keep in mind when shopping for wheelchair vans is that no two vans are alike.  We can’t stress this enough as it’s so important that you find the right van for you and your needs.  We recently came across on Crytico where a customer was thanking her local mobility equipment dealer for helping her and her husband find a van for her and her husband.  Click here to read her review of Ability Center in San Diego.  As it came out, only one van fit them; remember that wheelchair vans are not a “one size fits all”.

VMI Wheelchair Van

Top Ten Wheelchair Vans – as reviews by you on

1. VMI Honda Odyssey Northstar – VMI has been converting the Honda Odyssey for wheelchair access since 2006.  Their patented Northstar in-floor ramp is highly desired by consumers.

2. VMI Toyota Access360 Northstar – The latest wheelchair van VMI has converted is the Toyota Sienna.  The unique feature of the VMI Access360 conversion is the spaciousness of the wheelchair maneuverability room inside the van.  People have described this van as “cavernous”.

3. BraunAbility Dodge Grand Caravan Entervan - Where VMI is the leader in in-floor ramp technology, BraunAbility has been building their fold-out ramp, called the Entervan, for decades.  Their attention to detail is always top notch.

4. VMI Dodge Grand Caravan Northstar – You may ask, “What is the difference between the BraunAbility (#3) and VMI Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair accessible vans?”.  Many differences may not be visible to the naked eye, but when rolling your wheelchair up the ramp, and maneuvering inside, you will feel the differences.

5. VMI Chrysler Town & Country Northstar – Chrysler Town & Country is a popular minivan and one of the original minivans on the road.  This wheelchair conversion by VMI combines style with functionality.

BraunAbility Wheelchair Van

6. BraunAbility Toyota XT – BraunAbility says this conversion has “More Space, Superior Design”.  This van comes with a fold-up ramp, hidden spare tire and lots of other great features for wheelchair and scooter users.

7. VMI Chrysler Town & Country Summit – While VMI is known for their in-floor technology, they also make an outstanding fold-out ramp.  This conversion on the Chrysler minivan gives consumers the option to add steps to the ground effects, for easier entry and exit into the vehicle for able bodies passengers/drivers.

8. VMI Honda Odyssey Summit – The Honda Odyssey is a highly sought out van and the wheelchair accessibility designed by VMI on the van is outstanding.  Hundreds of hours were not only spent on the wheelchair functionality of the van, but also with the styling.

9. VMI Dodge Grand Caravan Summit - Options are plenty with this wheelchair van.  From power transfer seats to Durafloor, it’s a popular option of consumers.  Durafloor is an alternative flooring material that keeps your van looking better than carpet; we all know how wheelchairs wheels can tear up carpet.

10. BraunAbility Chrysler Town & Country Entervan – This powered conversion by Braun is a best seller.  From the quiet ride to the sleek lines of the minivan, it’s a great option in the wheelchair van sector.

Remember to tell us how you feel about your wheelchair van, or any mobility product you may have by writing a review on  Help your peers who are in the market for shopping hear your experience with these unique products.



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