New Jersey Abilities Expo – May 1-3, 2015

It was another great weekend for Crytico in New Jersey!  Over the three days of the Abilities Expo trade show, we had the pleasure of speaking with lots of consumers from all over the Northeast.

crytico, mobility reviews

Our new friend John

Our main goal for exhibiting at the expo is to grow awareness for  Since the website is fairly new, any exposure we can get for it is wonderful and the expo provides a perfect medium to promote it.  Lots of people wanted to give us reviews on the spot, like the ones below:

Braun Chrysler Wheechair Van

Savaria Home Elevator

Pride Go-Go LX

brett approved

Brett and Monique

We also had the pleasure of meeting Brett from a unique website called  Brett started Brettapprved a year ago and it is a review website for the accessibility of restaurants, theaters and hotels.  Where yelp users rate the food, the cleanliness of various places, Brettapproved lets people write about how accessible all of these places are.  ADA standards are great, but they cover the bare minimum of what many users actually need.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback for us. / 844-CRYTICO

How Does Crytico Work – Part 3: Getting The Best Quote

At the core of is mobility reviews and empowering consumers to write and read reviews on thousands of mobility products and local providers who sell and install those products.  One benefit of having thousands of products and listed on the Crytico website is the ability for you to do research as well as get quotes and be connected with authorized distributors of those products.

How do I get a quote?
Glad you asked, it’s as easy as four steps:

1. Go to and click on one of the 3 main verticals that fits he product you are researching.  There is Vehicle Mobility Products that would include anything that has to do with a vehicle, i.e. driving controls, lift seats, wheelchair securement, scooter lifts and wheelchair vans.  The second category is Personal Mobility Products that includes scooters, wheelchairs (both power and manual), standing aids, sporting adaptive equipment, etc.  The last category is Home Mobility Products which has to do with things in and around your home like stair lifts, ramps, ceiling rail systems, and platform lifts.

Mobility Vehicle Review2. Let’s say in this example the customer is looking for a wheelchair lift for their vehicle.  They would click on the “Lift” icon which takes you to a page of all types of wheelchair and scooter lifts for vehicles as shown below.

wheelchair lift

3. You can click on any product to (1) read about the product (2) read other customer’s reviews (3) click “more info” to get more information (4) get a quote if you are interested in buying that product.

joey brunu review4. This customer wanted to get a quote on this Bruno Joey wheelchair lift, so they clicked on “Get a Quote” which takes them to a consumer information screen.  Fill out the few pieces of information, hit “submit” and off your request goes to authorized vendors in your area that sell that product.

product inquiry on crytico

5. Sit back and let the quotes start coming in!  The information is sent to multiple suppliers to ensure you are getting the best quote for the product you need.  After you speak with the various local dealers, you can then go back to Crytico and read reviews on their service as written by their current customers.

We hope this information was useful.  Please contact us anytime with any questions; or call 844-CRYTICO.


How Does Crytico Work – Part 2: Reading Reviews on Products and Services

In part 1 of this blog, we focused on writing reviews and rating mobility products and services.  In this blog post we will concentrate on making the most of those reviews that have been written by your peers.

First we should point out that Crytico is a great resource whether you’ve used mobility products / services for decades or are brand new to this world of assisted devices.  With thousands of products on the website and hundreds of local mobility providers, consumers can browse and get introduced to products and services they didn’t know exist.  Once you find a product that may interest you, click the “more info” or “get quote” button to be connected with a dealer who sells that product.  You no longer have to visit dozens of websites to figure out who sells what where…let us do the work for you.  Crytico brings everything together in one website.


Did you know there was such a think as Automatic Door Openers for your home?   What about Standing Devices which are a great help for caregivers?  People are surprised to hear that Toyota makes a Sienna minivan equipped with a transfer seat called the Auto Access Seat.  These products and thousands more are listed on

Tips for reading reviews on

  • Are they real?  Yes!  Every reviewer on is authenticated to ensure 100% authenticity.  If we cannot make contact with the reviewer, the post is removed from our website.
  • Find reviews that give specific information.  Hearing that a product or local provider is “great” is always good to hear, but does that help your buying decision?  Did the person mention a particular person they like or a particular feature that makes their life easier/harder?
  • Don’t be turned off by “negative” reviews.  Sometimes negative reviews are written out of frustration that may exacerbate a situation.  Thoroughly read the review and see if that person’s grief is warranted and see if there is a string of negative reviews on the same issue.  This may be a red flag.
  • How does the company respond to reviews?  Whether you are in the market for a wheelchair van, or looking for a local dealer who sells handicap accessible vans, it’s nice to see how the companies respond to people who have taken the time to write reviews on their products and/or business.

As always, contact us with any questions;!

Coming up in Part 3:  Getting the best quote 



How Does Crytico Work – Part 1: Rate and Review products and services

We’ve received some interesting questions since “opening our doors” in September of 2014. is a multi-faceted website and while reviews is at its core, the site has so much more to offer.  In the age of social media and being able to tap into information in seconds, why should the mobility industry be any different?

Review us on Crytico - Mobility Reviews

The first in our multi-part series is writing reviews:

Rate and Review a local mobility dealer / provider

Buying any type of mobility equipment involves an experience with a local retailer, which are called a “provider” or “mobility dealer”.  Whether you’ve purchased a mobility scooter, portable ramp or wheelchair van, you’ve done business with at least one local mobility provider.  How was your experience with them?  Did the recommended product fit your needs and budget?  Do they treat you with respect and put you first?  Regardless of your answer, telling your peers about your experience will help steer them in the right direction.  Whether you would recommend or tell someone to stay clear of your local dealer, it’s valuable information that we’re sure you wish you had prior to buying from them.

How do I rate and review my local dealer?
1. Go to
2. Click “Register” at the top right of the page.  Since every reviewer is authenticated for legitimacy purposes, everyone must register with Crytico.
3. Log into Crytico with the username / password you created
4. From the Crytico home page enter your zip code into the “Find and Review Local Dealers”
5. Find your dealer/provider in the list of dealers and click on their location
6. Enter in a star rating from 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best)
7. Give your review a title like “Outstanding Service” or “Not Recommended” etc.
8. Lastly, write your review and hit the submit review button
9. You will get an option to share your review on Facebook which we recommend

Rate and Review your mobility products / devices

You may own one mobility product like a home stair lift.  Or, you may own dozens of mobility solutions like a wheelchair, transfer seat, driving controls, accessible truck, etc.  Crytico gives you the opportunity to rate and review any and all of your mobility products.  Do you love a certain feature of your wheelchair that you want to rave about?  Does that home ramp make your life and home easier to manage?  Are you driving with hand controls?  Any feedback you have is vital to future consumers of those products.  Help your peers find great products or stay away from bad products by leaving your feedback on Crytico.

Bruno Stair Lift

Bruno Stair Lift

How do I rate and review my mobility device / product?
1. Go to
2. Click “Register” at the top right of the page.  Since every reviewer is authenticated for legitimacy purposes, everyone must register with Crytico.
3. Log into Crytico with the username / password you created
4. From the Crytico home page you can enter the brand name or manufacturer into the search bar at the top of the page.
5. Find your product in the list that appears and click on it
6. Enter in a star rating from 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best)
7. Give your review a title like “I love my handicap van” or “Not Recommended” etc.
8. Lastly, write your review and hit the submit review button
9. You will get an option to share your review on Facebook which we recommend

As a consumer, you know how confusing the process of buying mobility equipment can be.  Help your peers by rating and reviewing products and services in the mobility space.

Coming up in Part 2 – Reading Reviews on Products and Services


How To Write a Thorough Online Review

For some people, the thought of writing an online review is scary and intimidating.  We wanted to share some tips to help you overcome any obstacles you may have with writing a review.  Remember that online reviews are merely your opinion, and everyone’s opinions are different; not better or worse, just different.  Reviews don’t have to be “perfect” but they should be genuine and factual.  Your opinion matters and is important to share with your peers, just as other reviews were integral in your search of products and services.

Here is a great article on How To Write an Online Review and it says, “Every good online review should include a few things, including the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How of your experience. It’s also important to keep other customers in mind when you sit down to write your review. Think about what you look for in online reviews and write in a similar manner.”

Mobility Review

In another informative article, How Writing a Good Review Can Help a Business You Love, it says, “If you ever have had a really bad experience at a restaurant, doctor’s office or other business, you may have quickly gotten online in order to write a negative review of the company or product so that you could warn others.  When you have a pleasant experience at a business, however, you might not think about doing so, but you should.  Positive reviews are just as important as negative ones, and writing good reviews can really help out a business that you love.”

Crytico Tips:

  1. Think before you write – whether your review is positive or negative, using the 24 hour rule is always a good idea to ensure you have some time to thoroughly think out what you want to say. You want your review to be helpful, collect your thoughts and take your time.
  2. Include important information and leave out the fluff – what specifically made your experience with a product or service great or not so great?  What features delight you or frustrate you?  If you owned the business in which you are reviewing, what would you like to know from your customers?
  3. Accuracy – keep in mind what exactly you are reviewing and focus on that specific product or service.  If you are reviewing a local mobility provider, ensure you are separating product issues that may be beyond their control and focus on the service they provide you irregardless of a product performance.  If you have a product you would like to review, find that product on and write an additional review on your experience specifically on that product.  There are many products that are “add on” equipment, like transfer seating or wheelchair conversions on minivans.  These are products that were added onto a van, like a Honda Odyssey or Dodge Grand Caravan.  Try to review only the mobility equipment that you purchased or had installed vs. the original car or van that it was put on.  The original vehicle is made by Honda or Dodge and many features are not in the control of the “add on” equipment manufacturers like VMI or Bruno.  If you are reviewing a wheelchair accessible van, focus on the features of the ramp, wheelchair maneuverability, etc. and things that are unique to the conversion.
  4. Uniqueness – some usefully information is what makes your experience unique to you.  Because Crytico is a website filled with products and services for people with mobility related issues, tell your story.  Are you a C4 Quadriplegic, or are you just needing a little help getting around?  These types of details will help future consumers of the product or service you review more educated since we know each person with a disability or mobility issue are very unique.  Click here to read a great review where someone described how they use a particular product.
  5. Timeframe – are you writing a review on a new product or used?  Did you visit the dealer/provider recently or was your experience in the past?  This information is very useful to future consumers as products and businesses are constantly changing and improving.

electronic word of mouth

Your voice and opinion is important; not only to future consumers of products like wheelchairs, stair lifts or wheelchair accessible vans, but also to the providers who sell them and the manufactures who make them.  Write your review today on!

Abilities Expo – San Jose, CA

If you have the opportunity to attend an Abilities Expo trade show, do it.  These expo’s are informative, educational and fun.  Abilities Expo’s are run in six major cities around the United States and people come from all over to attend.

Abilities Expo

These trade shows have hundreds of vendors and displays of products and services dedicated to people with disabilities or people who have mobility or developmental issues.  Imagine being able to connect with non-profits, local services and products that you didn’t know existed all in one place.

Upsee from Firefly

Upsee from Firefly

This product, Upsee by Firefly was amazing to see.  The Upsee is a mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult.  The representative from Firefly was kind and passionate about this product and seeing smiles on children’s faces who maybe standing for he first time.


Wheelchairs and Mobility vehicles take up a bulk of the expo which is very beneficial for attendees since you get to check out lots of different brands all in one place.  Imagine looking at brands like Permobil, Pride, and TiLite wheelchairs all in one place and getting the opportunity to speak with manufacturer’s representatives.

Assist Dogs

Organizations like California Canine,  non-profit, 501(c)3, organization that provides trained special dogs to assist disabled individuals in order to make their lives easier with more freedom and independence, have representatives there.  The list goes on and on and so does the laughter and fun.  

CryticoAt the Crytico booth, we were giving out LED rings and necklaces for people who wrote a review on their mobility scooter or wheelchair van or local mobility dealer.  It was fun to see little girls and not so little girls rolling around with a little bling.  Check out Abilities Expos if you can, it’ll be well worth your time.

Cool Adaptive Products for 2014

Besides being a great resource for reading and writing reviews, Crytico is also a unique website where thousands of mobility products and dealers/providers are in one place; like these cool adaptive products.  No longer do you need to go to 10-15 different websites to find products and services for your specific mobility challenges; Now you can hang out on  Another benefit is that Crytico may introduce you to products you didn’t know existed; you can’t google what you don’t know to google:-)

Here are some fun and interesting products that you can find on Crytico that help people with different levels of mobility challenges.

1. Wijit
Do you own a manual wheelchair and sometimes get tired after hours of pushing your wheels?  Then Wijit is a product for you!  It is a lever system that can be adapted to your current wheelchair and gives you all the features of a powered wheelchair but at a fraction of the cost.

Wijit Wheelchair

2. Automatic Door Opener
The Otodor is an automatic swing door operator.  This is a great product for all levels of mobility issues; from an elderly person to someone who uses a wheelchair.  This device can be installed on interior doors and with a push of a button, open sesame!  It’s a perfect use for use of the door from your garage entering into your home.

3. Jaco
A robotic arm?  Yes!  For those of you who may have significant physical limitations, this robotic arm can assist in daily tasks that may be difficult for you to perform.  With help eating to picking up objects; if you can control a wheelchair, you can control the Jaco!

Jaco, Robotic Arm

4. Standing and Lifting Aid
Are you a caregiver or know someone who is?  The Sara 3000 is a lifting device that aids caregivers lift family members or patients out of bed, out of their wheelchair, etc.  The health and safety of caregivers is so important and this product helps with ensuring they don’t injure themselves or the person they are helping. Click here to read reviews on the Sara 3000.

Patient Lift Sara 3000

5. Driving Aids
Want to get behind the wheel and experience driving again?  With limited modifications to your vehicle’s dash, this is a great option for people who are in the market for hand controls.  The Autolock features allows you to lock the device so people who need to use your vehicle (mechanics, valets, etc.) can’t misuse the driving device.  As with any driving device or hand controls, always get a  professional driver evaluation to ensure safety and recommended products for your capabilities. Read reviews on this SureGrip driving device.

6. Monoski
Winter is around the corner, ever thought about using a monoski and hitting the slopes?  This Torino model has bells and whistles that’ll help you make the most of your skiing experience.  Here is a great article on ski resorts that specialize in adaptive skiing.

7. Mobility Ventures
For those of you who are looking for a wheelchair van, the MV-1 may just be your ticket.  Many times, the transition from a full-size accessible van to a wheelchair accessible minivan isn’t very exciting.  You may want to take a look at the MV-1 as it’s sort of a mix between a minivan and full-size van with lots of interior headroom and the option to position the wheelchair in the front passenger position.

8. Veloped
This walker was designed with the active person in mind.  Have you been wanting to get in shape, but fear  stability with cracks, gravel, snow and grass?  This particular assistive device is an outdoor walker built for support and comfort.  Get in shape and be safe when hitting the trails and gear up with the Veloped!

Veloped - Walker

9. Rodeo
For parents with children who have a disability, this is a great option if you need a pediatric wheelchair.  Made by Convaid, this wheelchair is customizable and with different reclining positions to grow with your child.  Along with tons of functionality comes a little fun with color options like “sassy purple” and “apple green”. 

10. Stair Lift
Are the stairs in your home getting tougher and tougher to manage?  The Elan stair lift by Bruno may be a great solution for you.  With its continuous charge and 300lb lifting capacity, introduce this to the seniors in your life who need a little help with getting to different levels of their home.  When the stair lift is not in use, it can be folded so it only protrudes 12” from the wall.

Crytico does not endorse one product over another, our goal is to educate and introduce you to some products you may not know are out there.  Email us with any suggestions or comments –

Top Ten Wheelchair Vans

As the reviews start coming into Crytico, we thought it would be fun to start posting Top Ten Blogs based on your ratings and reviews of products.  Today, we’ll focus on wheelchair vans.

Companies have been converting minivans for wheelchair access for decades.  Each year, the conversions get better and better with more features you want and need.  One thing that you have to keep in mind when shopping for wheelchair vans is that no two vans are alike.  We can’t stress this enough as it’s so important that you find the right van for you and your needs.  We recently came across on Crytico where a customer was thanking her local mobility equipment dealer for helping her and her husband find a van for her and her husband.  Click here to read her review of Ability Center in San Diego.  As it came out, only one van fit them; remember that wheelchair vans are not a “one size fits all”.

VMI Wheelchair Van

Top Ten Wheelchair Vans – as reviews by you on

1. VMI Honda Odyssey Northstar – VMI has been converting the Honda Odyssey for wheelchair access since 2006.  Their patented Northstar in-floor ramp is highly desired by consumers.

2. VMI Toyota Access360 Northstar – The latest wheelchair van VMI has converted is the Toyota Sienna.  The unique feature of the VMI Access360 conversion is the spaciousness of the wheelchair maneuverability room inside the van.  People have described this van as “cavernous”.

3. BraunAbility Dodge Grand Caravan Entervan - Where VMI is the leader in in-floor ramp technology, BraunAbility has been building their fold-out ramp, called the Entervan, for decades.  Their attention to detail is always top notch.

4. VMI Dodge Grand Caravan Northstar – You may ask, “What is the difference between the BraunAbility (#3) and VMI Dodge Grand Caravan wheelchair accessible vans?”.  Many differences may not be visible to the naked eye, but when rolling your wheelchair up the ramp, and maneuvering inside, you will feel the differences.

5. VMI Chrysler Town & Country Northstar – Chrysler Town & Country is a popular minivan and one of the original minivans on the road.  This wheelchair conversion by VMI combines style with functionality.

BraunAbility Wheelchair Van

6. BraunAbility Toyota XT – BraunAbility says this conversion has “More Space, Superior Design”.  This van comes with a fold-up ramp, hidden spare tire and lots of other great features for wheelchair and scooter users.

7. VMI Chrysler Town & Country Summit – While VMI is known for their in-floor technology, they also make an outstanding fold-out ramp.  This conversion on the Chrysler minivan gives consumers the option to add steps to the ground effects, for easier entry and exit into the vehicle for able bodies passengers/drivers.

8. VMI Honda Odyssey Summit – The Honda Odyssey is a highly sought out van and the wheelchair accessibility designed by VMI on the van is outstanding.  Hundreds of hours were not only spent on the wheelchair functionality of the van, but also with the styling.

9. VMI Dodge Grand Caravan Summit - Options are plenty with this wheelchair van.  From power transfer seats to Durafloor, it’s a popular option of consumers.  Durafloor is an alternative flooring material that keeps your van looking better than carpet; we all know how wheelchairs wheels can tear up carpet.

10. BraunAbility Chrysler Town & Country Entervan – This powered conversion by Braun is a best seller.  From the quiet ride to the sleek lines of the minivan, it’s a great option in the wheelchair van sector.

Remember to tell us how you feel about your wheelchair van, or any mobility product you may have by writing a review on  Help your peers who are in the market for shopping hear your experience with these unique products.



Local Mobility Event

Small local mobility events are great ways to get introduced to products and people in your community.  I recently attended an open house at a mobility equipment dealer in Phoenix, Performance Mobility.

Performance Mobility

This particular event was open to the public and there were many incentives for customers, both new and old, to visit these type of mobility events.

Mobility Open House

Usually the food is great!

Mobility Dealer


Secondly, there is manufacturers representatives that fly in from corporate offices.  The benefit to you as a consumer is that you get to talk to the experts of the products on display.

Full size handicap van

Third, there are multiple products on display for you to get in or test.  Many dealers who put on these events bring in products from all over to ensure they have a good representation of everything they sell.  Anything from driving controls, to scooter lifts, wheelchair vans, and stair lifts is on display.


Lastly, there is free stuff!!  From pens to tv’s, many of these mobility events have some great give-aways, raffles and prizes.  Do some checking in your area and see if and when some local events may be occurring; it’ll be worth your time to attend.