Helpful Tips When Shopping for Mobility Products

Whether you are in the market for a walker or a wheelchair accessible vans, shopping for mobility products can be overwhelming and frustrating at times.  It can also, and should be, interesting and fun.  We’ve created some helpful tips for you to use when you start your search for any type of mobility solution.

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Getting Started
Get yourself a notebook or create a folder on your computer/tablet so you can stay organized.  Firstly, do some initial research online for the product you are in the market for and list the various manufacturers you find.  For example, if you are in the market for a home stair lift, do some google searches on “home stair lift manufacturer”.  Write the manufacturers, their website URL’s and phone numbers in your notebook.  Secondly, do research on the various products made by those manufacturers you identified.  For example, do you need a curved stair lift vs. a straight stair lift?   Do you want a side entry wheelchair van or a rear entry accessible van?  Then eliminate any manufacturers that don’t make exactly what you need. Next, call the manufacturers you have left on your list and ask them questions like:
1. Do you have a local dealer in my area?  If so, get the information and write it down; get the dealer/s website URL and phone number.  We also suggest getting multiple dealers so you can get multiple quotes.
2. What makes your product better/different than your competition?
3. What is your warranty and how does the process work in the event something goes wrong?
4. What is your MSRP pricing?

Remember to take notes for each person you talk to and ask each manufacturer the same questions so you can compare the information you gathered.  Get their name, the date and time you talked with them, highlights of your conversation, etc.  You’ll be surprised how taking a little bit of time to document everything will make things so much easier in the long run.

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Call your insurance company/companies as some mobility products can be covered by medicare, medicaid and private insurance.  Again, take notes for who you talked with, when and the highlights of the conversation.  If you are in he market for wheelchairs, or other durable medical equipment the insurance part can be very confusing so the more organized you are, the better.

If you have a disability that has a national organization like Multiple Sclerosis Cerebral Palsy or Paralyzed Veterans of America, contact them as they may have resources and funding assistance available.

Now that you have information on the products you want to investigate further, the dealers that support those products and a ballpark of price, it’s time to read peer reviews.  Log onto and first enter your zip code to read reviews on mobility dealers.  Does one have better reviews than another?  Does the dealer respond to customer reviews?  Next, search for the products you have researched and read those consumer reviews.  Those reviews might help lean you in a certain direction or may steer you away from a product and/or mobility provider.

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Dealers and Providers
You’ve read the reviews and narrowed down a couple of dealers to contact.  Have a list of questions ready that you want to ask them, like:
1. What is the price of the product and any installation that may be involved
2. Ask them if they handle insurance if anything is covered from your previous research
3. Ask them about the product you have researched; do they recommend it, ask about their quality records, any warranty issues, etc.
4. If you are in the market for a wheelchair van or wheelchair, ensure you try it out to ensure a proper fit.

Remember to write down who you talked to, and when.  By the time you area at this step, you may have talked with a dozen people so your diligent notes will come in handy.

Notes, Notes, Notes
We cannot stress this enough; notes and more notes.  Don’t risk frustration and disappointment.

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Have some fun and be your best advocate during the shopping process; no one is going to fight harder for you than you!  As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Crytico for any assistance during this process.  844-CRYTICO /

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Here are some past winners with links to their reviews.

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Tim and his daughter Kristen

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Writing a review on Crytico is as easy as 1…2…3:
1.  Click here to register on –  The reason why you must register is for authentication purposes; we want to make sure you are a real person writing a real review.
2. Login using the username/password you created
3. Find the mobility dealer by typing in your zip code and find the product you wish to review by typing in the brand in the search bar; click a star rating, a title for your review and start writing.

Best of luck and let us know if you have any questions.