What is Crytico.com?

For just about everything in your life, you can do a Google search and read a review before you invest in your purchase.  If you are shopping on Amazon.com, customer reviews are shown along with the product description which is a great customer experience.   Going on vacation?  Where is the first place you look when looking for a hotel?  Tripadvisor.com is the resource for everything travel and where millions of people research hotels, vacation rentals, etc.    What about trying out a new restaurant?  You want to ensure you have a good experience, so you check out Yelp and look at what other customers had to say about the food, service, cleanliness, etc.

yelp and amazon reviews

We now have the power as consumers when shopping.  No longer are the days of blindly booking a vacation and hoping for the best.  We’ve all had those “oops” when trying to save money on a deal, only to find a dirty and non-friendly hote.  Now, after scouring the Internet reading review after review, you have a pretty good sense of the hotel, rental, etc. before you hit the “purchase now” button.  You can see pictures, and not just from the resort or owner, from actual travelers.  Those powerful words and images can either paint a drastically different story or positively reinforce the message of the business.

Prior to the advent of online reviews; remember having an amazing experience at a new restaurant and wanting to tell the whole world, but there wasn’t a medium to do so.  The power of the Internet and review sites are the virtual world of “word of mouth” and you can share your experience in five minutes with the world.  Writing reviews has not only become fun, it’s become an art form.  For research on this blog post, simply researching “writing customer reviews” brings up all kind of fun results.


With all the information at our fingertips, smart phones, etc. the Mobility Industry has lacked information.  Whether you are in the market for a wheelchair, stair lift, scooter lift or wheelchair accessible van, your options are limited in terms of research.  The manufacturers websites have loads of information for you, but is that information what want or need?  You can speak with the dealer who sells their products, but is that business someone you want to business with?

Crytico is going to break down any walls that exist in the Mobility Industry and provide a place where consumers can have transparency.  Crytico’s Vision statement is simple, “Write a review, read a review.  The power of mobility is yours”.

The founders of Crytico.com have been in the Mobility Industry for decades and saw the need for reviews on mobility products and services.  That is how Crytico was born.  Stay tuned for updates on the launch of this exciting new Website, it was built for you!