Top Five Mobility Scooters, the first review website 100% dedicated to mobility products and services, has compiled this list of the top five mobility scooters rated by you.  The power scooter market has exploded in the past decade which can sometimes cause confusion with so many options.  The reason for the growth of power scooters is two fold.  (1) The aging population has a greater need for mobility related products; The American Community Survey (2008) reports that 38 percent of adults 65 and older have disabilities. (2) The escalating issue with obesity has increased the demand for mobility equipment. 

Aging Population

The following mobility scooters were ranked highest by consumers as reviewed on Crytico:
#1 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Go-Go by Pride Mobility – The Elite Traveler is a 3-wheel travel scooter and boasts exceptional maneuverability with lightweight design.  The unit can be personalized with color options to make it as unique as you.  To read the reviews of the Go-Go Elite Traveler, click here.  This reviewer loves the power of her Go-Go.

Go-Go Elite Traveler

Go-Go Elite Traveler

#2 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Victory 9 by Pride Mobility – This scooter is considered “full-size” due to its increased weight capacity; 300lbs.  This power scooter comes equipped with  light-weight, low profile, non-scuffing wheels and pinchless hinges & eight-position seat rotation.  To read the consumer reviews on the Victory 9, click here.

#3 Rated Mobility Scooter:
EW-37 by Electric Wheels – Do you have a need for speed?  This mobility scooter has a sporty look and robust features.  With a 500 lb. weight capacity, 15mph maximum speed and a battery range of 45 miles on a single charge, it’s a nice edition to the scooter line-up.  Read reviews of the EW-37 by clicking here.

EW-37 power scooter


#4 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Companion 4-Wheel by Golden Technologies -This is our first 4-wheel scooter and is built for comfort.  It has a LiquiCell comfort seat, seat slide adjuster to adjust your seat that feels best for you, adjustable steering and a 350lb weight capacity.  Click here to read the reviews on the Companion 4 Scooter.   

#5 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Patriot by Golden Technologies – Another 4-wheel power scooter to round out our top five.  The Patriot scooter was introduced in 2014 and has a 400lb weight capacity.  This scooter isn’t cheap, but if you are looking for an amazing outdoor experience, this is the power scooter for you; it features an off road package!  Read reviews of the Patriot scooter by clicking here.

There you have it, the top five power scooters on  Remember when shopping for scooters, do your due diligence.  There are hundreds of options and what appeals to one person might not be the most important thing for you.  Research the weight capacity, turning radius, ground clearance, warranty, battery life, speed, etc. And of course, read reviews from your peers…the ones who use the products every day.



San Diego, CA and Tea, SD – December 30, 2014 – Crytico, LLC announced today their partnership with Ability Center with the objective to bring transparency to the mobility industry and giving customers the power of choice.  Ability Center’s multiple locations are listed on for current customers to write reviews on their satisfaction as well as invite new customers to read those reviews. was launched in September, 2014 and is the first website of its kind in the mobility industry.  The website is 100% focused on products and services for people who have mobility issues.  Consumers can learn about products they may need, like wheelchairs, scooters, home stair lifts, etc. and also read reviews on what their peers think about those products.  Consumers can also register with Crytico to write reviews on products they may own or use.  Each reviewer on the website is authenticated for validity.

“In our industry, people buy these products because they need them,” said Chad Blake, Ability Center’s Director of Store Sales and Operations.   “The biggest part of our job is educating the consumer about what the applicable mobility products are and what the specific product can do to make the consumer’s situation better.   Crytico is first and foremost a quality educational tool that allows consumers to exchange thoughts and feedback about all facets of the mobility industry.  Ability Center is supportive and excited about the Crytico platform and direction.”

Ability Center

“Having partners like Ability Center is an asset to Crytico and our users,” said Monique McGivney a mobility advisor with Crytico.  “Ability Center assisted with our pilot program which was an integral phase of  From the very beginning, they understood and embraced the concept of a review website for their current and future customers. They want to stand out from their competition and are confident they will do that on   What better way than to have their customers tell their story?”

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for reviews on mobility products and services.  Until now, there has been no medium in the mobility industry for consumers to read peer reviews. is not just a review site; consumers can also learn about other products and providers they may not know exist.  With over 4000 different types of mobility products and over 2000 providers who sell those products, consumers can now visit one website vs. sifting through dozens of websites to get all the information they need.

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