Tea, SD – January 27, 2015 – Crytico announced today it would be exhibiting in the upcoming Abilities Expo in Los Angeles, CA.  Crytico will have a 10 x 10 booth display with marketing material and information about their website,


Launched in September of 2014, Crytico is a review website 100% dedicated to products and services for people with mobility issues.  Owners of mobility products can rate and write reviews on anything from walking aids, mobility scooters, driving aids, wheelchair vans, etc.  In turn, consumers of those products can go to to read reviews on products before they make their buying decision.

A unique feature of is the ability to link up consumers with local dealers who sell various mobility products.  With over 5000 products on the market and over 2000 local providers who sell mobility equipment, it can get perplexing and overwhelming for shoppers.  Not every local provider sells every mobility product, or every manufacturer.  Crytico’s goal is to take some confusion out of the shopping process by guiding consumers through the web of the mobility industry.

Abilities Expo is a perfect venue for us to spread awareness about,” said Monique McGivney a mobility advocate for Crytico.  “Every person that visits the expo can benefit from since it lists hundreds of mobility providers and thousands of mobility products.  Whether a person just needs to be connected with someone who can repair their wheelchair to someone who is in the market for a home stair lift, can help.”

Crytico Abilities Expo

Crytico will be in booth #720 at the Abilities Expo on Friday March 6, 2015 through Sunday, March 8, 2015.  Hours for the expo are 11:00am to 5:00pm daily and admission is free.  The expo is about bringing necessary products and services together under one roof for the community of people with disabilities.  Abilities Expo goal is to introduce opportunities that can enrich your life…especially ones that you never knew were out there.

About Crytico was created by industry experts who have worked in the mobility product arena for several decades, recognizing a void of opinions on products and services customers purchase. is the first and only premier review site that is 100% dedicated to mobility products and services mobility dealers provide. For more information contact

Top Five Mobility Scooters, the first review website 100% dedicated to mobility products and services, has compiled this list of the top five mobility scooters rated by you.  The power scooter market has exploded in the past decade which can sometimes cause confusion with so many options.  The reason for the growth of power scooters is two fold.  (1) The aging population has a greater need for mobility related products; The American Community Survey (2008) reports that 38 percent of adults 65 and older have disabilities. (2) The escalating issue with obesity has increased the demand for mobility equipment. 

Aging Population

The following mobility scooters were ranked highest by consumers as reviewed on Crytico:
#1 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Go-Go by Pride Mobility – The Elite Traveler is a 3-wheel travel scooter and boasts exceptional maneuverability with lightweight design.  The unit can be personalized with color options to make it as unique as you.  To read the reviews of the Go-Go Elite Traveler, click here.  This reviewer loves the power of her Go-Go.

Go-Go Elite Traveler

Go-Go Elite Traveler

#2 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Victory 9 by Pride Mobility – This scooter is considered “full-size” due to its increased weight capacity; 300lbs.  This power scooter comes equipped with  light-weight, low profile, non-scuffing wheels and pinchless hinges & eight-position seat rotation.  To read the consumer reviews on the Victory 9, click here.

#3 Rated Mobility Scooter:
EW-37 by Electric Wheels – Do you have a need for speed?  This mobility scooter has a sporty look and robust features.  With a 500 lb. weight capacity, 15mph maximum speed and a battery range of 45 miles on a single charge, it’s a nice edition to the scooter line-up.  Read reviews of the EW-37 by clicking here.

EW-37 power scooter


#4 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Companion 4-Wheel by Golden Technologies -This is our first 4-wheel scooter and is built for comfort.  It has a LiquiCell comfort seat, seat slide adjuster to adjust your seat that feels best for you, adjustable steering and a 350lb weight capacity.  Click here to read the reviews on the Companion 4 Scooter.   

#5 Rated Mobility Scooter:
Patriot by Golden Technologies – Another 4-wheel power scooter to round out our top five.  The Patriot scooter was introduced in 2014 and has a 400lb weight capacity.  This scooter isn’t cheap, but if you are looking for an amazing outdoor experience, this is the power scooter for you; it features an off road package!  Read reviews of the Patriot scooter by clicking here.

There you have it, the top five power scooters on  Remember when shopping for scooters, do your due diligence.  There are hundreds of options and what appeals to one person might not be the most important thing for you.  Research the weight capacity, turning radius, ground clearance, warranty, battery life, speed, etc. And of course, read reviews from your peers…the ones who use the products every day.


United Access Partners with Crytico as Platinum Dealer

St. Louis, MO and Tea, SD – January 12, 2015 – United Access has partnered with Crytico, LLC. to help strengthen their relationship with current customers and provide a medium for future customers to read unbiased peer reviews. This sponsorship shows the passion and investment United Access has in the mobility industry by giving consumers the power of information.

Launched in September, 2014, is the only review site with a 100% focus on products and services for people with mobility issues.  From consumers who just need a little help getting around to people with severe spinal cord injuries; it serves the entire mobility community. helps consumers easily navigate through the thousands of products available to them by providing manufacturer information as well as peer reviews.

“The customer is at the core of our business and they revolve around everything we do,” said Jeff Brummett, Vice President of Development for United Access.  “We understand our role in helping our customers find the freedom and independence they are looking for and we are committed to providing them with the best customer experience each and every time. Having additional feedback from reviews on will help us to further engage with our customers which will lead to continuous improvement towards our operational excellence.”

United Access has always been at the forefront of consumer advocacy in the mobility industry,” said Monique McGivney, a Mobility Advocate with Crytico.  “17 years ago, United Access had a single location in St. Louis, MO.  By living and breathing their mantra, “The customer is always right”, they have grown to 16 locations throughout the Midwest. Companies don’t have that kind of growth if they are not obsessing about their customers, and United Access is a model for other mobility dealers throughout the country.  By taking this obsession with their customers one step further by partnering with Crytico, their growth and success will continue to prosper.

Prior to the launch of, consumer reviews were scarce and difficult to find.  By bringing thousands of mobility products and hundreds of mobility providers together in one medium, it is a valuable resource for customers in the market for products unique to them. To ensure authenticity, every reviewer on is validated by an independent call center.

About United Access
United Access offers the finest products the mobility industry has to offer, including new wheelchair accessible vans, used wheelchair vans, wheelchair van rentals, scooter lifts, hand controls, mobility seats and transfer seats, wheelchair ramps, and accessible equipment for all abilities.  They are a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association and a nationally accredited Quality Assurance Program (QAP) dealer and are growing with locations across the Central and South United States. They are committed to giving back to the communities we serve through volunteer time, event sponsorships and donations. Where Freedom and Independence Meet, you will Find United Access.  For more information about United Access, you can visit us online at or contact us at

About Crytico was created by industry experts who have worked in the mobility product arena for several decades, recognizing a void of opinions on products and services customers purchase. is the first and only premier review site that is 100% dedicated to mobility products and services mobility dealers provide. For more information contact – The Yelp of Mobility

Tea, SD – January 1, 2015  Launched in September, is the first and only review website that is 100% related to mobility products and services that mobility dealers provide.  December marked an end to the pilot phase of the site which was an integral part to the overall framework and foundation of the website. One major milestone celebrated during this pilot phase was surpassing 1000 consumer reviews.


During the pilot phase, feedback was gathered from participating manufacturers, mobility dealers and customers to ensure the final version of the site is easy to navigate, informative and most importantly, a positive experience for the customer.  An Advisory Board, made up of industry professionals, was formed to assist the pilot phase and will remain in place through the launch of the website.  The Advisory Board’s purpose is to strengthen and the community it serves. The Board exists to advise, assist, support and advocate for, it’s users and partners.

Crytico Advisory Board

“ was built for consumers get unbiased information on products unique to them,” said Monique McGivney, a mobility advocate for Crytico.   “Never in the history of the mobility industry has there been one website to display information on every product that our industry serves, which is estimated to be over 5,000.  In addition, this is the first review site designed specifically for consumers with mobility challenges, so we are cognizant of the website functionality; the customer experience is of utmost importance.”

Consumers are able do one of two things on; write and/or read a review.  Reviews can be written on mobility equipment dealers and the services they provide as well as a variety of mobility products like hand controls, home stair lifts, manual or powered wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible vans.  Then in turn, customers who are in the market for a product or service can read those reviews and hear what their peers have to say.  Each reviewer on is contacted to ensure their review is authentic and legitimate.

About Crytico was created by industry experts who have worked in the mobility product arena for several decades, recognizing a void of opinions on products and services customers purchase. is the first and only premier review site that is 100% dedicated to mobility products and services mobility dealers provide. For more information contact




San Diego, CA and Tea, SD – December 30, 2014 – Crytico, LLC announced today their partnership with Ability Center with the objective to bring transparency to the mobility industry and giving customers the power of choice.  Ability Center’s multiple locations are listed on for current customers to write reviews on their satisfaction as well as invite new customers to read those reviews. was launched in September, 2014 and is the first website of its kind in the mobility industry.  The website is 100% focused on products and services for people who have mobility issues.  Consumers can learn about products they may need, like wheelchairs, scooters, home stair lifts, etc. and also read reviews on what their peers think about those products.  Consumers can also register with Crytico to write reviews on products they may own or use.  Each reviewer on the website is authenticated for validity.

“In our industry, people buy these products because they need them,” said Chad Blake, Ability Center’s Director of Store Sales and Operations.   “The biggest part of our job is educating the consumer about what the applicable mobility products are and what the specific product can do to make the consumer’s situation better.   Crytico is first and foremost a quality educational tool that allows consumers to exchange thoughts and feedback about all facets of the mobility industry.  Ability Center is supportive and excited about the Crytico platform and direction.”

Ability Center

“Having partners like Ability Center is an asset to Crytico and our users,” said Monique McGivney a mobility advisor with Crytico.  “Ability Center assisted with our pilot program which was an integral phase of  From the very beginning, they understood and embraced the concept of a review website for their current and future customers. They want to stand out from their competition and are confident they will do that on   What better way than to have their customers tell their story?”

In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for reviews on mobility products and services.  Until now, there has been no medium in the mobility industry for consumers to read peer reviews. is not just a review site; consumers can also learn about other products and providers they may not know exist.  With over 4000 different types of mobility products and over 2000 providers who sell those products, consumers can now visit one website vs. sifting through dozens of websites to get all the information they need.

About Ability Center

Ability Center was founded in 1984, and currently has multiple locations in California, Nevada and Arizona.  Today, Ability Center provides benefits for more than 10,000 people with mobility challenges per year; offering compassion, knowledge and understanding.  For more information visit,

About Crytico was created by industry experts who have worked in the mobility product arena for several decades, recognizing a void of opinions on products and services customers purchase. is the first and only premier review site that is 100% dedicated to mobility products and services mobility dealers provide. For more information contact


Tea, SD and Mount Carmel, IL – December 23, 2014 – Crytico, LLC announced today their partnership with B&D Independence which will strengthen both companies by providing a medium for consumers of B&D transfer seat bases to rate and review their products. B&D Independence and Crytico have a shared interest in empowering customers and providing quality products and services.

transfer seat, b&d,

B&D Transfer Seat Base is a review website solely focused on products and services for people with mobility issues.  Consumers who have purchased mobility products can register on, give a star rating and write a review on their experience using their mobility device. is also a great resource for consumers who are in the market for a mobility product, like a transfer seat base, by reading the reviews of others.  There is no cost for consumers to use the website.

“Crytico is the only forum that provides mobility challenged consumers with a way to share their opinions on a wide variety of mobility equipment,” said John Evans, B&D Independence President. “When Crytico approached us to get involved in the website test launch, we jumped at the opportunity. I viewed it as an opportunity to connect directly with our consumer. The test phase was incredible and the decision to become a Platinum Partner was an easy one.  Our B&D team takes great pride in our products and is using the consumer feedback to guide us on how to make our products even better. With Crytico, the consumer gains his voice and we are listening!”

“ is a much needed resource in the mobility industry,” said Monique McGivney, Crytico Mobility Advocate.  “The products and providers in this space are unique and very specialized, and while learning about features and benefits from the people that sell the products is important; now consumers have a place to go to read what their peers, who use the products, have to say.  With partners like B&D Independence, the website will continue to grow and be that resource for our community.”

Crytico launched in September of 2014 and has been well received with over 1000 reviews written on the website.  All reviewers on are authenticated by a 3rd party to ensure authenticity of the reviews.  With over 1500 products and providers on the site, it is a valuable resource for consumers of mobility products.

About B&D Independence
B&D Independence, Inc. was founded in 1981, with a commitment to create a company where quality and service would never be compromised. They take pride in knowing they have helped thousands of people regain their independence. Today, B&D Independence is recognized as the world leader in the design and manufacture of power transfer seat bases and an innovator in powered wheelchair docking systems. B&D Independence is committed to their customers and to providing the finest mobility equipment in the industry.

About Crytico was created by industry experts who have worked in the mobility product arena for several decades, recognizing a void of opinions on products and services customers purchase. is the first and only premier review site that is 100% dedicated to mobility products and services mobility dealers provide. For more information contact

Rent a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Whether you can’t afford a wheelchair accessible van, or don’t have the need to have one full time; a great option is to rent a wheelchair van.  Do you own a wheelchair van and plan on flying to another state?  There are many companies and dealers around the U.S. that allow you to rent a van for a day, weekend, week, etc. just like renting a regular vehicle.

VMI Wheelchair Van

Renting a van equipped for wheelchair accessibility is a great option for many people;  however it’s an option that is not well known.  With the holidays approaching, it reminded us that seeing loved ones or getting to gatherings might be a challenge for some people.  Maybe it’s just an easy option to get to a doctor’s appointment or to take a ride in our beautiful country.

Here are some national companies that can help you out:

Wheelchair Getaways: Wheelchair Getaways was founded over 25 years ago with a goal to have van rental services available to as many people as possible.

Accessible Vans of America: Accessible Vans of America (AVA) is dedicated to providing quality rental vans with handicap accessible features. Their organization is a group of independent wheelchair van dealers who are all committed to improving the accessible transportation options for people requiring adaptive equipment for mobility.

Wheelers Van Rentals: Wheelers has been breaking travel barriers through innovative service and products for over 25 years. Their mission is to have Wheelers rental affiliates available in every city in the United States. Wheelers’ objective is to connect you to the best possible solution for your transportation challenges and continue to find new and innovative ways in making the world a more accessible place.

VMI Northstar E Wheelchair Van

VMI Northstar E Wheelchair Van

Another good place to start is your local mobility equipment dealer, many of whom rent vans from their facilities close to you.  As always, contact Crytico with any questions,

Mobility is Most Common Disability Among Older Americans

According to a recent Census Bureau Report, “Nearly 40 percent of people age 65 and older had at least one disability, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report that covered the period 2008 to 2012. Of those 15.7 million people, two-thirds of them say they had difficulty in walking or climbing.

Difficulty with independent living, such as visiting a doctor’s office or shopping, was the second-most cited disability, followed by serious difficulty in hearing, cognitive difficulty, difficulty bathing or dressing, and serious difficulty seeing.”

U Step 2 Walker

U Step 2 Walker

We thought a great compliment to this article would be to educate you on some products for this large population of people with mobility issues.  In addition, you can read some reviews from people who own the products to get an idea of their opinions.

Personal Mobility Products

  • U Step 2 Walker – The company’s website says, ” We created the U-Step 2 to increase your independence. The secret is in our patented U-shaped base. Its ultra-stable foundation braces you in every direction. It is not like pushing a typical walker. Instead, the U-Step 2 surrounds you and moves with you. You will feel as stable as you would feel holding onto another person’s arm.
  • Go Go Scooter by Pride Mobility – “The Go-Go Elite Traveller® offers unbeatable ease of transport, tight space maneuverability, and gives you the versatility to change its color, and your style, in a snap with interchangeable shroud panels. The Go-Go Elite Traveller’s compact size allows it to negotiate narrow hallways and tight spaces while also providing stable outdoor performance.”
Bruno Residential VPL

Bruno Residential Lift

Home Mobility Products

  • Suitcase Ramp by EZ Access – “The Suitcase Singlefold AS Ramp – this portable single-fold ramp is one of our most user-friendly portable Suitcase ramps.  After taking out two hinge pins, users are able to easily separate the portable single-fold ramp into two lightweight sections with ergonomic handles.”
  • Bruno Residential Vehicle Platform Lift – “Sometimes called a porch lift, Bruno’s rugged and reliable wheelchair lift is a residential lift that provides efficient access to a raised deck, porch, or even floor to floor access inside your home. Designed and built by Bruno’s master artisans, a Vertical Platform Lift offers safe, dependable service that reflects the unit’s simplicity of design and operation.”
VMI Northstar E Wheelchair Van

VMI Northstar E Wheelchair Van

Mobility Vehicle Products

  • VMI Northstar E Wheelchair Van - “VMI’s Northstar E is the industry’s first manual side-entry, in-floor ramp conversion for the Dodge Grand Caravan. Designed with the caregiver in mind, this new VMI product is available for purchase from more than 265 VMI dealers worldwide.”
  • Toyota Auto Access Seat – “The Toyota Sienna is now available with the industry first factory installed power rotating lift-up Auto Access Seat. Toyota is the only automobile manufacturer to offer this passenger-friendly mobility model, built in the United States at our Indiana manufacturing plant.  The seat rotates ninety degrees then extends from the vehicle and lowers to a convenient transfer height, making for easy entry and exit.”

These are just six options and possibilities to help older American’s with their mobility issues.  On, we have thousands of products to view and inquire about as well as read reviews from your peers.  If you do not see a product you want or need, let us know at

How To Write a Thorough Online Review

For some people, the thought of writing an online review is scary and intimidating.  We wanted to share some tips to help you overcome any obstacles you may have with writing a review.  Remember that online reviews are merely your opinion, and everyone’s opinions are different; not better or worse, just different.  Reviews don’t have to be “perfect” but they should be genuine and factual.  Your opinion matters and is important to share with your peers, just as other reviews were integral in your search of products and services.

Here is a great article on How To Write an Online Review and it says, “Every good online review should include a few things, including the Who, What, Why, When, Where and How of your experience. It’s also important to keep other customers in mind when you sit down to write your review. Think about what you look for in online reviews and write in a similar manner.”

Mobility Review

In another informative article, How Writing a Good Review Can Help a Business You Love, it says, “If you ever have had a really bad experience at a restaurant, doctor’s office or other business, you may have quickly gotten online in order to write a negative review of the company or product so that you could warn others.  When you have a pleasant experience at a business, however, you might not think about doing so, but you should.  Positive reviews are just as important as negative ones, and writing good reviews can really help out a business that you love.”

Crytico Tips:

  1. Think before you write – whether your review is positive or negative, using the 24 hour rule is always a good idea to ensure you have some time to thoroughly think out what you want to say. You want your review to be helpful, collect your thoughts and take your time.
  2. Include important information and leave out the fluff – what specifically made your experience with a product or service great or not so great?  What features delight you or frustrate you?  If you owned the business in which you are reviewing, what would you like to know from your customers?
  3. Accuracy – keep in mind what exactly you are reviewing and focus on that specific product or service.  If you are reviewing a local mobility provider, ensure you are separating product issues that may be beyond their control and focus on the service they provide you irregardless of a product performance.  If you have a product you would like to review, find that product on and write an additional review on your experience specifically on that product.  There are many products that are “add on” equipment, like transfer seating or wheelchair conversions on minivans.  These are products that were added onto a van, like a Honda Odyssey or Dodge Grand Caravan.  Try to review only the mobility equipment that you purchased or had installed vs. the original car or van that it was put on.  The original vehicle is made by Honda or Dodge and many features are not in the control of the “add on” equipment manufacturers like VMI or Bruno.  If you are reviewing a wheelchair accessible van, focus on the features of the ramp, wheelchair maneuverability, etc. and things that are unique to the conversion.
  4. Uniqueness – some usefully information is what makes your experience unique to you.  Because Crytico is a website filled with products and services for people with mobility related issues, tell your story.  Are you a C4 Quadriplegic, or are you just needing a little help getting around?  These types of details will help future consumers of the product or service you review more educated since we know each person with a disability or mobility issue are very unique.  Click here to read a great review where someone described how they use a particular product.
  5. Timeframe – are you writing a review on a new product or used?  Did you visit the dealer/provider recently or was your experience in the past?  This information is very useful to future consumers as products and businesses are constantly changing and improving.

electronic word of mouth

Your voice and opinion is important; not only to future consumers of products like wheelchairs, stair lifts or wheelchair accessible vans, but also to the providers who sell them and the manufactures who make them.  Write your review today on!

Abilities Expo – San Jose, CA

If you have the opportunity to attend an Abilities Expo trade show, do it.  These expo’s are informative, educational and fun.  Abilities Expo’s are run in six major cities around the United States and people come from all over to attend.

Abilities Expo

These trade shows have hundreds of vendors and displays of products and services dedicated to people with disabilities or people who have mobility or developmental issues.  Imagine being able to connect with non-profits, local services and products that you didn’t know existed all in one place.

Upsee from Firefly

Upsee from Firefly

This product, Upsee by Firefly was amazing to see.  The Upsee is a mobility device that lets children with motor impairment stand and walk with the help of an adult.  The representative from Firefly was kind and passionate about this product and seeing smiles on children’s faces who maybe standing for he first time.


Wheelchairs and Mobility vehicles take up a bulk of the expo which is very beneficial for attendees since you get to check out lots of different brands all in one place.  Imagine looking at brands like Permobil, Pride, and TiLite wheelchairs all in one place and getting the opportunity to speak with manufacturer’s representatives.

Assist Dogs

Organizations like California Canine,  non-profit, 501(c)3, organization that provides trained special dogs to assist disabled individuals in order to make their lives easier with more freedom and independence, have representatives there.  The list goes on and on and so does the laughter and fun.  

CryticoAt the Crytico booth, we were giving out LED rings and necklaces for people who wrote a review on their mobility scooter or wheelchair van or local mobility dealer.  It was fun to see little girls and not so little girls rolling around with a little bling.  Check out Abilities Expos if you can, it’ll be well worth your time.