Crytico’s iPad Promotion

Each month, runs a promotion for people to win an iPad; and it’s soooo easy!  All you have to do is write a review on a mobility product or mobility dealer and boom, you are automatically entered into the random drawing.  AND, the more reviews you make, the more chances you have to win.

Crytico iPad promotion

Here are some past winners with links to their reviews.

January Crytico iPad Winner – Tim:
Click below to read Tim’s reviews on his local mobility dealer, ramp, wheelchair securement and wheelchair accessible van.
R&R Mobility Review
PVI Ramp Review
Q’Straint Review
VMI Van Review

Mobility Dealer Reviews

Tim and his daughter Kristen

February Crytico iPad Winner – Darcy:
Click below to read Darcy’s reviews on her mobility dealers.
IMED Mobility, South Dakota
RollxVans, Minnesota

Wheelchair van reviews

Darcy and her new iPad!

March Crytico iPad Winner – Bud:
Click below to read Bud’s reviews on his dealer and wheelchair lift
MobilityWorks, CA Review
Braun Vangater Lift Review

Writing a review on Crytico is as easy as 1…2…3:
1.  Click here to register on –  The reason why you must register is for authentication purposes; we want to make sure you are a real person writing a real review.
2. Login using the username/password you created
3. Find the mobility dealer by typing in your zip code and find the product you wish to review by typing in the brand in the search bar; click a star rating, a title for your review and start writing.

Best of luck and let us know if you have any questions.



How Does Crytico Work – Part 3: Getting The Best Quote

At the core of is mobility reviews and empowering consumers to write and read reviews on thousands of mobility products and local providers who sell and install those products.  One benefit of having thousands of products and listed on the Crytico website is the ability for you to do research as well as get quotes and be connected with authorized distributors of those products.

How do I get a quote?
Glad you asked, it’s as easy as four steps:

1. Go to and click on one of the 3 main verticals that fits he product you are researching.  There is Vehicle Mobility Products that would include anything that has to do with a vehicle, i.e. driving controls, lift seats, wheelchair securement, scooter lifts and wheelchair vans.  The second category is Personal Mobility Products that includes scooters, wheelchairs (both power and manual), standing aids, sporting adaptive equipment, etc.  The last category is Home Mobility Products which has to do with things in and around your home like stair lifts, ramps, ceiling rail systems, and platform lifts.

Mobility Vehicle Review2. Let’s say in this example the customer is looking for a wheelchair lift for their vehicle.  They would click on the “Lift” icon which takes you to a page of all types of wheelchair and scooter lifts for vehicles as shown below.

wheelchair lift

3. You can click on any product to (1) read about the product (2) read other customer’s reviews (3) click “more info” to get more information (4) get a quote if you are interested in buying that product.

joey brunu review4. This customer wanted to get a quote on this Bruno Joey wheelchair lift, so they clicked on “Get a Quote” which takes them to a consumer information screen.  Fill out the few pieces of information, hit “submit” and off your request goes to authorized vendors in your area that sell that product.

product inquiry on crytico

5. Sit back and let the quotes start coming in!  The information is sent to multiple suppliers to ensure you are getting the best quote for the product you need.  After you speak with the various local dealers, you can then go back to Crytico and read reviews on their service as written by their current customers.

We hope this information was useful.  Please contact us anytime with any questions; or call 844-CRYTICO.


How Does Crytico Work – Part 2: Reading Reviews on Products and Services

In part 1 of this blog, we focused on writing reviews and rating mobility products and services.  In this blog post we will concentrate on making the most of those reviews that have been written by your peers.

First we should point out that Crytico is a great resource whether you’ve used mobility products / services for decades or are brand new to this world of assisted devices.  With thousands of products on the website and hundreds of local mobility providers, consumers can browse and get introduced to products and services they didn’t know exist.  Once you find a product that may interest you, click the “more info” or “get quote” button to be connected with a dealer who sells that product.  You no longer have to visit dozens of websites to figure out who sells what where…let us do the work for you.  Crytico brings everything together in one website.


Did you know there was such a think as Automatic Door Openers for your home?   What about Standing Devices which are a great help for caregivers?  People are surprised to hear that Toyota makes a Sienna minivan equipped with a transfer seat called the Auto Access Seat.  These products and thousands more are listed on

Tips for reading reviews on

  • Are they real?  Yes!  Every reviewer on is authenticated to ensure 100% authenticity.  If we cannot make contact with the reviewer, the post is removed from our website.
  • Find reviews that give specific information.  Hearing that a product or local provider is “great” is always good to hear, but does that help your buying decision?  Did the person mention a particular person they like or a particular feature that makes their life easier/harder?
  • Don’t be turned off by “negative” reviews.  Sometimes negative reviews are written out of frustration that may exacerbate a situation.  Thoroughly read the review and see if that person’s grief is warranted and see if there is a string of negative reviews on the same issue.  This may be a red flag.
  • How does the company respond to reviews?  Whether you are in the market for a wheelchair van, or looking for a local dealer who sells handicap accessible vans, it’s nice to see how the companies respond to people who have taken the time to write reviews on their products and/or business.

As always, contact us with any questions;!

Coming up in Part 3:  Getting the best quote 



How Does Crytico Work – Part 1: Rate and Review products and services

We’ve received some interesting questions since “opening our doors” in September of 2014. is a multi-faceted website and while reviews is at its core, the site has so much more to offer.  In the age of social media and being able to tap into information in seconds, why should the mobility industry be any different?

Review us on Crytico - Mobility Reviews

The first in our multi-part series is writing reviews:

Rate and Review a local mobility dealer / provider

Buying any type of mobility equipment involves an experience with a local retailer, which are called a “provider” or “mobility dealer”.  Whether you’ve purchased a mobility scooter, portable ramp or wheelchair van, you’ve done business with at least one local mobility provider.  How was your experience with them?  Did the recommended product fit your needs and budget?  Do they treat you with respect and put you first?  Regardless of your answer, telling your peers about your experience will help steer them in the right direction.  Whether you would recommend or tell someone to stay clear of your local dealer, it’s valuable information that we’re sure you wish you had prior to buying from them.

How do I rate and review my local dealer?
1. Go to
2. Click “Register” at the top right of the page.  Since every reviewer is authenticated for legitimacy purposes, everyone must register with Crytico.
3. Log into Crytico with the username / password you created
4. From the Crytico home page enter your zip code into the “Find and Review Local Dealers”
5. Find your dealer/provider in the list of dealers and click on their location
6. Enter in a star rating from 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best)
7. Give your review a title like “Outstanding Service” or “Not Recommended” etc.
8. Lastly, write your review and hit the submit review button
9. You will get an option to share your review on Facebook which we recommend

Rate and Review your mobility products / devices

You may own one mobility product like a home stair lift.  Or, you may own dozens of mobility solutions like a wheelchair, transfer seat, driving controls, accessible truck, etc.  Crytico gives you the opportunity to rate and review any and all of your mobility products.  Do you love a certain feature of your wheelchair that you want to rave about?  Does that home ramp make your life and home easier to manage?  Are you driving with hand controls?  Any feedback you have is vital to future consumers of those products.  Help your peers find great products or stay away from bad products by leaving your feedback on Crytico.

Bruno Stair Lift

Bruno Stair Lift

How do I rate and review my mobility device / product?
1. Go to
2. Click “Register” at the top right of the page.  Since every reviewer is authenticated for legitimacy purposes, everyone must register with Crytico.
3. Log into Crytico with the username / password you created
4. From the Crytico home page you can enter the brand name or manufacturer into the search bar at the top of the page.
5. Find your product in the list that appears and click on it
6. Enter in a star rating from 1-5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best)
7. Give your review a title like “I love my handicap van” or “Not Recommended” etc.
8. Lastly, write your review and hit the submit review button
9. You will get an option to share your review on Facebook which we recommend

As a consumer, you know how confusing the process of buying mobility equipment can be.  Help your peers by rating and reviewing products and services in the mobility space.

Coming up in Part 2 – Reading Reviews on Products and Services


What is

For just about everything in your life, you can do a Google search and read a review before you invest in your purchase.  If you are shopping on, customer reviews are shown along with the product description which is a great customer experience.   Going on vacation?  Where is the first place you look when looking for a hotel? is the resource for everything travel and where millions of people research hotels, vacation rentals, etc.    What about trying out a new restaurant?  You want to ensure you have a good experience, so you check out Yelp and look at what other customers had to say about the food, service, cleanliness, etc.

yelp and amazon reviews

We now have the power as consumers when shopping.  No longer are the days of blindly booking a vacation and hoping for the best.  We’ve all had those “oops” when trying to save money on a deal, only to find a dirty and non-friendly hote.  Now, after scouring the Internet reading review after review, you have a pretty good sense of the hotel, rental, etc. before you hit the “purchase now” button.  You can see pictures, and not just from the resort or owner, from actual travelers.  Those powerful words and images can either paint a drastically different story or positively reinforce the message of the business.

Prior to the advent of online reviews; remember having an amazing experience at a new restaurant and wanting to tell the whole world, but there wasn’t a medium to do so.  The power of the Internet and review sites are the virtual world of “word of mouth” and you can share your experience in five minutes with the world.  Writing reviews has not only become fun, it’s become an art form.  For research on this blog post, simply researching “writing customer reviews” brings up all kind of fun results.


With all the information at our fingertips, smart phones, etc. the Mobility Industry has lacked information.  Whether you are in the market for a wheelchair, stair lift, scooter lift or wheelchair accessible van, your options are limited in terms of research.  The manufacturers websites have loads of information for you, but is that information what want or need?  You can speak with the dealer who sells their products, but is that business someone you want to business with?

Crytico is going to break down any walls that exist in the Mobility Industry and provide a place where consumers can have transparency.  Crytico’s Vision statement is simple, “Write a review, read a review.  The power of mobility is yours”.

The founders of have been in the Mobility Industry for decades and saw the need for reviews on mobility products and services.  That is how Crytico was born.  Stay tuned for updates on the launch of this exciting new Website, it was built for you!