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Crytico.com breaks down any walls that exist in the Mobility Industry and provide  a place where consumers can have transparency.  Crytico’s Vision statement is simple, “Write a review, read a review.  The power of mobility is yours”.

The founders of Crytico.com have been in the Mobility Industry for decades and recognized a void in the industry.  There was no place for a customer to research unbiased reviews on mobility products and dealers.  What are your peers saying about their new wheelchair accessible van, home stair lift or new hand controls?    How is the service at the mobility dealer you are considering using?  What was also lacking was a place for people to write reviews on their mobility product or service.  Do you want to share your amazing experience with your local mobility dealer?  Do you want to rave about the freedom and independence your wheelchair van has brought you?

mobility advocates

Early Crytico Brainstorming Session

That is how Crytico was born.  Now customers have a place where they can write and read reviews on mobility products and services; www.crytico.com.

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  1. This review is in regard to Redman Power Chairs. My husband has had the Chief 107-ZRx standing power wheelchair for a year tomorrow. This chair cost nearly $50,000 and in addition to being extremely poorly made and not durable at all, Redman’s customer service is virtually non-existent. He has had many issues with this chair and most recently has been trying to get parts from them to replace a module that has again malfunctioned for over a month, to no avail. Even the durable medical equipment company that has provided service on this chair cannot get Redman to return their phone calls. We have decided to get another agency involved in hopes that they will have more success at getting something resolved! Neither of us would recommend the Redman company to anyone who relies on a wheelchair for their mobility! The sad fact of the matter is that my husband is “stuck” with this chair for at least 4 more years because in order to drive his pick-up truck this is one of only 2-3 chairs that will fit in the space allotted on the GoShichi truck lifts. Buyer beware! Do NOT purchase from this company! Save yourself much grief and frustration and cross them off of your list of prospective wheelchair suppliers!

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